OAC Eye Type Expansion Bolt Wallplug
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OAC Eye Type Expansion Bolt Wallplug

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Size is measured by Screw Diameter X Length of whole Wall Anchor X Length of Screw Thread

e.g. M8 (8mm screw thread) X 90 (90mm length) X 50 (50mm screw thread length)


Product Details:

  • When securing heavy loads, it is best to use expansion anchor bolts as they are designed to distribute the weight it carries evenly. Commonly utilized in heavy-duty applications for connections between porous materials, such as brick, stone, or concrete.
  • Features:
  • - Fitted with sherardized steel, zinc plated eye bolt, hexagon nut.
  • - Suitable to be used with all types of masonry material.
  • - Allow some room for error (These fasteners are flexible enough to ensure a safe installation, despite the fact that the drilled holes present minor misalignments).
  • - Corrosion resistant.
  • Background information:
  • Expansion anchor bolts are those that expand when installed inside of concrete. To use an expansion anchor bolt, you’ll need to drill a hole into the concrete surface. You can then install the expansion anchor bolt inside of this pre-drilled hole. As the expansion anchor bolt enters the hole, it will expand. This expansion helps to secure the anchor bolt — as well as the structural component or object to which it’s connected — in place. Technically speaking, an expansion bolt is a type of post-installed anchor bolt because it’s installed in a pre-drilled hole.